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They get away with so much and use our past mistakes to disgrace our worth. These people cover their tracks , and uncover ours, and we play right in to it because we have police records(most of us).

That doesn’t mean we are all criminals. If u get in any trouble with the law are u now a criminal? Well, that’s the way we are being portrayed.


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I have never cried “WOE ME” about my circumstances, and do u know why? Not because of no Gee shit like, “I knew the consequences”, or G-code Bull shit that no one follows, but, I know the system, and I know they don’t listen to Black Men that have Police records. We have given up the right to be heard in this country.

But, I just want to get this off my chest, so that u know this shit is too real, and needs to be corrected.

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I am honest about my life to a fault, and my music is a testament to that, so please know that I aint exaggerating one bit.

I am in prison for a 30 yr sentence for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine, that I never sold. Infact, there were no drugs involved!TwistedBlack3BLOG


(Quick Summary)

A guy I was signing to my label (Zet), caught a conspiracy charge in Midland Tx. One of his customers had my poster on her wall when they executed the search warrant. She also had a Western Union receipt where she had sent (me) money.

At the time I was in Fort Worth doing my music, (retired from the dope game), with a C.D. store, Beauty Supply, and 9 Record deals on the table.

(Yes, I sold drugs before that, that was a part of my past.)

I was mad that Zet had been caught up on this charge, so what do I do with my smart ass? I make a dis Cd called HUSTLE OR GO BROKE, naming the snitches and putting them on blast. I called this shedding light on them.(MISTAKE)

The main witness(Angela Hudson) was uncovered and u know she was mad as hell. She told the cops about the C.d., and agreed that I was one of her suppliers.

Well, they will never get me on a controlled buy, surveillance, audio, etc..why? Because I don’t sell drugs, so they offer her a time cut to bring me in it, and attempt to build a case. But what is the motive if I don’t sell dope, and they know it?

Well, when Angela testifies in Zets trial, she named me as one of her suppliers, but Zet quickly sets the record straight saying , that we just had music ties.

A local news paper sat in on their trial, and took notes. By me being on my way to stardom, when my name came out in the paper, HIP-HOP weekly ran it on line.(feb-mar 2006)

Fritz Hicks, from Fort Worth Tx. was sitting in Seagoville Federal Prison serving a 12 yr sentence for drugs, saw my name in the Midland News paper, which is where he caught his case, contacted agents from Midland Tx, saying that he knew me from back in the day and bought drugs from me. Offering his assistance for a jail time cut.

The agents knew they would never build a case on me unless they had some one from in-town(Fort Worth)to fill in the blanks.

Fritz was flown to Midland, after debriefing his (imaginary) story to them. A case was being built on me from scratch.

Long story short, when he arrived in their jail they made him a (Trustee). That’s like a worker in the jail, doing kitchen or cleaning chores etc, for extra food and better living conditions.

This negro taught every one of those guy’s who were in his living quarters something about me, and they all corroborated his story. They even tried to recruit a 7 foot tall white guy. Who by the way was the “only” one to say ” NO THAT’S WRONG.

Andre Harris, Courtney Iglehart, Ike Jonson, Chris Adams, and Fritz Hicks were all Trustees, to name a few.

They all knew each other, they all were in jail on drug charges already awaiting sentencing. They all– were getting a time cut for testifying on me, and they all said they had purchased drugs from me. A lie!

Them along with Angela, some guy named Joseph, and a whole lot of acting(Academy Award winning) as Fritz said to me in the holding cells, got me 30 yrs in a jury trial. And I was The one with no dope case, not in prison, not even a person of interest in my city, or any other. A business owner who had just signed a 1.7 million dollar deal with T.V.T. Records, who hadn’t been in trouble with the law since 1995. My black ass was even on the PTA board for my daughters elementary. Sponsor of my sons basket ball team, and regular church attendee!!

How does this happen?? Because “they” do it in the dark, because Twisted Black has a police record, a past, so that makes him a criminal right?

Oh yeah, and the western union receipt they had from Angela to me, That is called a nexus. That shows connection to someone, or something. They needed that to go to the Grand Jury for the indictment, but what they failed to mention was that she got a full refund from western union, because I never picked up the money, because I never knew anything about it. They had her to send it, just so it looked like I was aware of it.

So, if I send Michael Jordan money can I get him on a dope case? Maybe, if they want Jordan bad enough and there is no light.

My point? Keep the light on them, and make them perform their act in front of a crowd, and I promise that the Clown aint gone be so funny.

I have records to prove everything I said. They really dog the hell out of young blacks, it’s not a game.

Pray for the Martin family, and many others.

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    Know u baby, thru Clyde on Berry.. keep yo head up.


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