Have you all been feeling the heat here in Fort Worth lately? The heat is not coming from our usual Texas summer heat, that heat is coming from one of Fort Worth’s most talented artist GataGang Jaio.fb_img_1473469279304

Joseph McGrew (Jaio) was born on February 15, 1992 in Fort Worth, Texas. Jaio has been an artist for 10 years, growing up in Fort Worth he was exposed to the street life at an early age, these life experiences have been his major influence on his music.

Jaio is blazing the streets and clubs with his new unique style of rapping and singing all in one, Jaio calls it SNAPPIN!!

Recently there was a challenge on Social media known as “The So Gone Challenge” it’s whereindividuals put their own spin on Monica’s 2003 song So Gone. Jaio’s version of So Gone is an example of how crafty and versatile he is with SNAPPIN!

Jaio’s mixtape Moment Of Silence can be fb_img_1473469065976found on Live MixedTapes, ITunes, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon, sales on his mixed tape did great .

Jaio is well known for his hot single “Fiya”.

Jaio’s label is Gata Gang, he has done shows with Rick Ross, T.I. Young Dro, Young Thug and many more.

He also graced The BET Awards with his presence this year.

In August 2016 Jaio was nominated and won the best male hip hop artist at The Fort Worth Music Awards.

Jaio recently released his new mixed tape Sifu it includes 3 of his singles Fiya, Time Change, & Quagmire.

fb_img_1473408669974Jaio’s next project is set to drop October 2016 titled The Link Up!! The Link up will feature and collaborate with more local artist here in Fort Worth such as Money Mazaradi, Smoke Dean, Don Slim, Ace Bee, Spud Boom, Johnnie Damn D, Go Yayo, Cousin Pete, Sonny Cash, Kadillac & Pee Wee, Woody Mane, and more.

Jaio showed up and showed out in Atlanta on September 10, 2016 at “The ALL White Mansion Party” with an explosive performance, that is sure to be talked about for years to come!

fb_img_1473469306372Jaio’s main goal is to make sure his family doesn’t have to struggle and to help change the lives of others. Jaio has dreams of working with other, famous artist such as Drake, Beyoncé, LiL Wayne, Kanye West and Rhianna. Jaio has plans to go beyond reaching the top!!

Quoted from Jaio himself “There Is nothing I can’t do! If I don’t know how to do something I will learn fast and do it to the best of my ability”

This is only the beginning Jaio is setting the trend and he is on Fiya!!!




Originally for Las Vegas (Sin City) relocated to Fort Worth because I enjoy the southern hospitality. I am a lover of music mainly oldies, blues, and hip-hop. I have a passion for inspiring others to reach for their dreams. As I continue to reach for mines. I am currently working a Masters of Science in Psychology. Don't look for me in my past I don't live there anymore!! Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise!!

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