Chef Da Kid Whats Cooking?

Imagine you’re invited to an extravagant event, invitation only. The menu is loaded with superb foods cooked and served up by one of the finest chef’s in the world, like Wolfgang Puck. Many 14341618_1270193693020387_1044754672_nwould be delighted to be invited to such a grand event.

Well, guess what? Fort Worth has an extremely unique and talented artist that goes by the name of CHEF DA KID AKA SONNY CASH. Sonny Cash has been professionally serving up superb music and Mixtapes for the last eight years.

December 3, 1985, Jermale Hall was born in Fort Worth. Growing up 14331546_1270193673020389_1859174947_nthe blues singers Johnny Taylor & ZZ Hill, R&B artist Anthony Hamilton, and pioneer rap artists DO or Die and Master P. caught young Jermale’s attention and has made a big impact on the music he writes, sings, raps and produces.

Sonny Cash is one of the most influential writers and artist in the Fort Worth area mainly because he is dual gifted with the ability to Rap and Sing his music quickly grabs hold of R&B and HIP HOP listeners everywhere.

CHEF DA KID ‘s skills have afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with many local artist Gata14348831_1270193596353730_685199168_n Gang Jaio, Kadillac & Pee Wee, 47 Huncho, CCon, Ricky Raxx, Brian Beata, Cousin Pete, LIL Chill The Coolest, and many more.

In 2008 he released ( So Icey) with Trap Squad Cartel, it peaked at #71 on the Top #100 Billboard.screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-2-13-37-am

SONNY CASH is on Money Made Records. The was Released in January 2016 Followed by Red Bottoms Featuring: GataGang JAIO and later he released THE MAN IN BETWEEN.

CHEF DA KID serving up a new mixtape called 48 Hours. This winter  be on look out for his mini movie Titled (CHILD SUPPORT). From time to time he makes viral videos and photo shoots.

Directly Quoted from The CHEF himself (“ I plan to take it as far as all the Greats before me. I desire to work with Chris Brown and Drake with CHEF DA KID it’s possible because you just never know what the Chef is cooking up! Wait For IT!!


Originally for Las Vegas (Sin City) relocated to Fort Worth because I enjoy the southern hospitality. I am a lover of music mainly oldies, blues, and hip-hop. I have a passion for inspiring others to reach for their dreams. As I continue to reach for mines. I am currently working a Masters of Science in Psychology. Don't look for me in my past I don't live there anymore!! Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise!!

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