“Came From Nothing” – Tician 47Huncho


Huncho is a leader or manager; the person in charge.

Do you remember the 80’s television shows “Different Strokes” staring “Todd Bridges” and “Gary Coleman”? Two orphaned African American kids adopted by a wealthy Caucasian man Mr. Drummond and his daughter Kimberly Dana Plato. As kids wished that we could have been dealt the hand of these two kids, just to escape our own reality, Right? In reality though as kids, we are not given a choice of what type of families we are born into. For many young African American children, we are born with parents from all walks of life. With no choice in the matter, we learn to play the hands we have been dealt, growing up in certain types of environments kids either learn to how to duck and dodge or follow suite!

img_2250Tician 47 Huncho was born November 26, during the 80’s in Stop 6 a known urban area in Fort Worth, Texas. His father a hustler from Stop 6 and his mother, raised on the Southside, a city employee. Tician was raised in a two-bedroom house with a total of 11 people. 47 Huncho is one of seven children. When he was in the 2nd grade the family relocatedimg_2251 to Forest Hill, a suburb in Fort Worth. 47 Huncho’s family, as we say today, “They about that life! In African American communities it’s sometimes hard not be influenced. 47 Huncho’s life has its twists and turns just as many other African American young men experience. Determined not to succumb to the negative influences of the hood. He discovered his passion for music. Listening to local Funky Town artists Twisted Black, Six Deuce, Yung Doob, Saucy Lab and the Legendary Tupac, sparked 47 Huncho’s interest in becoming a rapper. After dodging a few catastrophes he decided to become a Rap Artist. 2003 marks the year that 47 Huncho professionally began his career as an artist. Early on in his career, he discovered that he is a great writer so he started to allow his music to motivate him. During the Trap Squad Cartel and Paper Chase era is when Tician 47 Huncho dropped his very 1st single “I Smell Money”. He is currently signed to Paper Chase Music Group and One of 1 Management. He raps real img_84371street music or what many refer to as “Trap Music”. Recently he put a video into rotation for his song “I Got ’em”, a video shot by Nepheworld! He will be dropping a second video “#FWARN” later this month for his new album CAME FROM NOTHING (set to drop in late November).

Tician 47 Huncho has worked with H-Town SUC Don Ke (Lili Ke Ke), Dallas DSR Tum Tum, Big Chief, T-Cash, and the legendary Death Row artist Yung Doob just to name a few. Currently, Huncho and his team have been making moves to build his brand. The primary focus is his music and making his presence known through social media and the internet period. Although excited about dropping his new album there have been some trials and tribulations with getting it completed, which is why he says, “this album will be one of my best projects ever”.

img_2252Huncho is striving to become more than just an underground Fort Worth artist. He pushes himself so that 4700 Music can become mainstream. Evolving, however, takes a lot of hard work, patience, persistence, and perseverance.  Gifted with writing not only rap but R&B and Soul as well, Huncho plans to use his skills and experience to motivate the streets to become “highways to different avenues for the progression as a black race”. In the near future, 4700 Music and One of 1 Management plans to be mainstream.

Tician 47 Huncho is big on supporting the black community, There will always be young soldiers in the hood, looking to escape a prison sentence, or tragic death that is in  need for the predecessors to reach back and help them to reach their highest potential. “Each One Teach One” so to speak!

Quoted from Tician 47 Huncho, “I know we came from nothing, but our worth is everything.. I want to see my people win.”



Originally for Las Vegas (Sin City) relocated to Fort Worth because I enjoy the southern hospitality. I am a lover of music mainly oldies, blues, and hip-hop. I have a passion for inspiring others to reach for their dreams. As I continue to reach for mines. I am currently working a Masters of Science in Psychology. Don't look for me in my past I don't live there anymore!! Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise!!

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