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Perseverance is striving through all difficulties and obstacles.

Think back to grade school when the teacher asked that famous question “Boys & Girls! What do you want be when you grow up?” In return there would be replies, “I want to be a fireman, policeman, doctor, lawyer, teacher, or a superstar,” just to name a few. This is a story about one young man’s determination to make it no matter what!

14542882_1125705327497874_571943670_nDJ Tuss was born September 15, 1981 in Chicago Illinois, he dreamed of becoming a rapper, and discovered that he had a knack for writing rhymes, but when it came to spitting his lyrics his God brother and his friends was not feeling him. Because of Tuss’s love for music and hip-hop, he was determined at breaking into the industry. Tuss found him-self intrigued with spinning as well. He started buying up singles on vinyl and watching the famous (Kid Capri spin records for Def Jam Comedy). In 1997 confident that he’d mastered the skill of spinning he assumed the name DJ Tuss and never looked back! In 2000 DJ Tuss would professionally start spinning and moving the crowds at a variety of venues.

DJ Tuss normally spins for urban crowds (Upscale urban, urban strip clubs, back packer1621895_3994318713133_939900582_n concerts, special radio events), anything geared towards the urban cultural. He mainly listens to hip-hop, R&B, and soul, but many people are not aware that he jams to a lot of gospel music also. In 2003 DJ Tuss bought his style of spinning to Fort Worth, he is known for being a breakout DJ, getting his hands on songs early and being a part of breaking a lot of songs first. The song he broke out first that made it big in the market was (HomeGirl).

Several artists have been blessed with opportunity of having DJ Tuss breakout their music:

Take Me To Jail ( Willie C. Feat Rocko)12794727_973075686094173_5348364786982453212_o

Fiya ( Gata Gang Jaio)

Swag Surfin ( F.L.Y Fast Life Yungstaz)

Wrong Nigga Money (Johnny Cinco)

Boom (Go YaYo)

Come Up Out Her (Willstrumentals)

Ready (Trouble)

Lobby (DidiNorm Feat Tommy 2

Just to name a few.

cover-2DJ Tuss has been persevering and pushing out a bunch of his mixes.

Here are some links to his last mixes:

Jump 5

Jump 6 

Jump 7


DJ Tuss has established relationships with big labels including Def Jam, Epic, Atlantic, E1, and many others, he is also a member of the largest DJ Coalition in the world (Core DJ’s) and a member of  two of the Tuss most influential coalitions in the country (Definition DJ and Cool Runnings). DJ Tuss has many accomplishments starting with being the 1st DJ from The Funk (Fort Worth) to be a resident DJ in Dallas, Texas. The 2014 Fort Worth Music Awards (DJ of The Year) 2014 Hometown Hero Chicago Hip-Hop awards, 2015 VirDiko award, along with quite a few other awards, and acknowledgements including recognitions from Indie Magazine, radio stations, and other outlets. His most endeared accomplishment and not taken lightly comes from being considered The Voicebox of the Block, The People’s Spokesperson from a DJ’s standpoint.

DJ Tuss has worked with DSR, Lil Man, Don Chief, Young Rich, and Porter Trapping on 10671204_850090718392671_7876700785095770363_nBeats, currently he still DJs for DSR, Tum Tum, and Big Chief. He’s also talking with Jaio about becoming his DJ. He has a tape with Trouble from Atlanta coming soon tapes with Johnny Cinco, Smoke Dean, and a few more. DJ Tuss has given Fort Worth strip clubs an identity, and, advocates to get Fort Worth treated as equals in the DFW music scene. DJ Tuss started spinning records in Dallas clubs that other DJs were scared to play, with the demeanor of “stand for something or fall for anything” he rocks every crowd placed in front of him, Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas and anywhere else that he is invited to spin.

He is a big fan of basketball and enjoys playing the game for fun nothing professional, he also enjoys swimming and he still sometimes writes, DJ Tuss desires to become the most influential DJ in the country, currently his goal is to land a full time spot on a major radio station and become the best radio show in Texas. He keeps a positive attitude and continues spinning and bridging the gaps in DFW!

DJ Tuss has proven that he is the epitome of a man that has persevered

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Originally for Las Vegas (Sin City) relocated to Fort Worth because I enjoy the southern hospitality. I am a lover of music mainly oldies, blues, and hip-hop. I have a passion for inspiring others to reach for their dreams. As I continue to reach for mines. I am currently working a Masters of Science in Psychology. Don't look for me in my past I don't live there anymore!! Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise!!

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