So lately I’ve been receiving a lot of resistance from other blacks on my journey to spread truth, knowledge and shed light on our hidden history as well as acknowledge the long lasting affects of our ugly but factual past here in America. It seems as though most African Americans today would rather ignore the long term affects of all the horrible things that have happened to us here on American soil and to a degree I understand. However, if we are ever to get things going in the right direction and progress as blacks, we must first acknowledge the true roots of our problems. If you don’t think SLAVERY, RACISM, INEQUALITY, WHITE SUPREMACY, POLITICAL CORRUPTION, JUDICIAL CORRUPTION, FINANCIAL INEQUALITY & CORRUPTION, MASS INCARCERATION, THE CRACK EPIDEMIC, THE HEROINE EPIDEMIC AS WELL AS THE ASSASSINATIONS OF ALL/MOST OF OUR GREAT, BLACK LEADERS AND OTHER PRO BLACK LEADERS has everything, and I repeat EVERYTHING, to do with the state of black America today you’re ignorant and lost. We have to STOP BLAMING OUR SELVES for our conditions and place more of the blame where it truly belongs, which is squarely on racism, white supremacy and financial/economic inequality.

The most popular response is one that hovers around accountability and taking responsibility for our own actions and the repercussions that follow but what about that long list of premeditated, circumstantial traps that we had absolutely no control over??? What about this huge, tangled web of deception, lies, setups, setbacks, and flat out disdain that African Americans have had to endure???

I see a crippling divide between the blacks who are comfortable or financially stable and blacks who struggle and live in or close to poverty. The lucky few who can afford to pay their bills and maybe even have a little left over don’t believe that there’s really an issue worth talking about today but the harsh reality is that many of them are flirting along poverty lines and just don’t realize how fragile their seemingly secure financial situations truly are.

This situation is not a scrape on the knee that can be easily bandaged and healed. This situation, although painful and complex, must be acknowledged then unraveled.

Catch me next time and I’ll reveal a plan of action that will absolutely began the healing process. NO MORE FEEL GOOD SPEECHES WITHOUT ATTAINABLE SOLUTIONS!!!

-C-Conn D Icon-

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