Be the “Boss” Off Top!

Be the Boss Off Top

What up family , it’s your favorite hustler Xo, aka Mr.BiWeekly, aka Young Screwed Up, or Brandon Flowers the man behind all the madness .
Im here today to let new up and coming artist some game on how to be the boss off top in the game. Its real simple , but at the same time its real complicated if
your mind isn’t ready. So we gone go ahead and jump right into the game, so you too can be a boss off top and be in the game and win.
First off get yourself a legit way of making funds, I don’t care what it is, especially if you don’t have a felony or anything that can stop you from getting
a job. But if you do have a felony , its still no excuse to not get legit cash. For example (Barbra/hair stylist , lawn care, painting, auto care) or go online and
jobs that hire felons.

Ok so now you have income coming in and next thing is to not be out here having unprotected sex with the ladies, I don’t care if its your girl , because you wanna
build the empire first before you start a family. But if this doesn’t apply to you, and you already started the family and your getting legit paper go to next step.
Start stacking and researching all the things you need to make yourself the boss. Here is a list of things you need to get in the game .
1. Mac Mini (the cheapest new mac you can buy at $699

2.Microphone (Condenser Mic $150- $300 also check craigslist or offer up ect.)

3.ProTools ($250 to $500)

4.Mic stand $100

5.Ear Phones $100

6.Monirtors $150 to $300

7.Mixer $70

8.Internet $60 monthly
9. Social Networking Site (all of em)
10.Tunecore account

Now, that is about $1500 Dollars Total, So now you can start recording your on music and mixing and also record other people for a fee. and use it as more legit
cash. So you don’t know how to use the equipment well on #8 you have internet so lets youtube or google what you don’t know, in the corporate tech world GOOGLE
IS YOUR FREIND say what’s up lol. and once you learn how to use all 10 of those things you will become a boss, and be on the grind to turn that $1500 to
Unlimited cash, ya digg.

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